Hello!  Photomovette are Siobhan and Jon Harris*

We met, fell in love and got married pretty much all because of a vintage Photobooth!  That Photobooth is our old Model 22 Photo-Me Photobooth, and has taken us on adventures, both around the world and behind the curtain, firing off many many Photobooth strips in the process.

We like old things.  Polaroids and old cameras; vinyl records and valve amps.  And photoooths.  We photo booths.

So when the opportunity of buying a real, black & white vintage chemical Photobooth came up, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse.  And so began our long and exciting adventure into the world of Photobooth chemicals, strips and strobes!  An adventure full of journeys and of making new friends (and husbands!); one full of surprises, steep learning curves and one which has not been without its challenges.

And finally, after many years of hard work and a lot of help from friends around the world, we can bring the Photobooth to people to enjoy!

*Photomovette was originally formed by longtime friends Siobhan and Carole Evans www.caroleevans.co.uk who met while studying photography in London.  After a few years working on the photobooth together, Siobhan and Jon met and fell in love and Siobhan moved to Nottingham.  Due to logistical issues and work commitments the photobooth soon followed Siobhan to Nottingham and Jon took over shared duties in restoring our lovely photobooth.

About Photomovette
About Photomovette