One of a kind photos

Remember back in the day, when going to get your passport photo taken was kind of fun!  You would sit in a photobooth, wait for it to flash and then the anticipation of the photos arriving in the slot… still wet with chemicals.  Sometimes, you’d go into a booth with friends and pull funny faces. Or have a sneaky kiss with a beauty behind the curtain, cutting up the photobooth strip so that you could each have a memento of a moment captured in time.


These lovely old vintage chemical photobooths have since gone.  Replaced with fast digital booths and strict regulations for passport photos.  With them, the fun has disappeared.  We want to bring it back!

Our photobooth is a wonderfully unique and rare object.  One of only a few left in the UK, all being cared for by dedicated photobooth enthusiasts.  It is hard to put into words the experience of being in one these special old machines… the aroma of the chemistry, the slide of the curtain, a private moment, the waiting, the wet paper.  We want to share the joy of this amazing experience with as many people as we can!